The wedding of Nikonodor and Irina Nikolaev of the well-known “Nikolaev girls” is one of the most beautiful in the great Russia. This story may be the subject of your award-winning film, “NIKOLA”. At the moment the marriage was arranged by way of a friend, the future father with their son, on a vacation in Finland. Following several months of traveling, they reached the village of Nikolas-Leningrad. It absolutely was there that they can were connected with by the husband to be of Irina (Nina), a peasant female from Osipadan (Kyrgyzstan).

Irina was 12 years old at that moment and was already married. The wedding was placed on the early morning of September 4th, pursuing the two-day be in Finland. The wedding ceremony took place before the Orthodox Chapel in the village. The priest, along with the father and mother of the couple, installed a wooden combination on the entry to the community center, which noted the beginning of the bride’s marriage. The marriage vows had been recited by priest plus the couple remaining together.

According to the story, the fisherman came across a bear, although his netting became linked with the bear. The fisherman attempted to free the dog, but this individual failed. This individual finally were able to untie the bear by making use of his boot. The story says that Irina forgave the poor angler for his mistake and accepted him as her husband. Nevertheless , the story would not say regardless of if the couple continued to be together or not.

A more fanciful version of this story says that Irina fell in love having a wild ox and asked the people to kill it so that your sweetheart could marry the man who owned or operated it. For this reason gesture, the individuals put the ox into a gap where the wedding was to come about. The Nikolas-Leningrad family disapproved of the marriage, however , and called the bride a Bogor (bride) instead of a new bride. They evolved the brand to Irina (sheikh) instead of Bogor. Although the story might be apocryphal, several historians assume that the Bogor bride wedded to the bridegroom.

You will discover no traditional records regarding the wedding. Many ancient text messaging and content about weddings written long ago to say the ritual of throwing pebbles and coins in to the fire which will represents the planet earth element. Several theologians believed that such a marriage ceremony displayed the historical roots of Bulgarian culture.

Today the Nikolas-Leningrad dynasty endures in present-day Bulgaria. A lot of the traditional activities associated with the Bogor era will be carried out by ruling professional. Many of these practices end along with the demolition of old monuments or building new types in the classic capital of Sofia. Consequently , the present day Bulgaria hosts many Orthodox churches and Orthodox chapels.