Recently, We attended a presentation by the Mayor and the Economic Creation Director for the City of Albany when it comes to their Neighborhood Development Corporation. At this meeting the newly selected Mayor talked about why he previously re-appointed Mister. Percy Gradzino, the previous CEO of the LDC. In fact , the newly selected Mayor brought up that Mister. Percy was reappointed while Mr. Spencer had previously served when the economical development representative for metropolis of Troy. This, according to the mayor, is because of the fact that Mr. Percy has already revealed a lot of command experience with regards to his previous standing at the Troy Enterprise. But, it seems alternatively interesting the fact that the newly-appointed City Of Albany Mayor and his economic development agency did not see fit to include Mr. Percy Spencer’s name for the official roster of the new CEO and since the monetary development director for local of Troy. Perhaps it is actually simply because Mr. Percy can be described as black gentleman and not a woman of color?

Indeed, it seems rather unlucky that the fresh city of Albany and its financial development firm chose to continue Mr. Percy Spencer within the company payroll despite the fact that he previously already shown a lot of leadership experience for the past eight years in the Troy Business. Regardless of all of this, let’s consider this kind of fact: The City of Troy contracted when using the LDC of Unionakings when it comes to creating careers. The problem lies with the fact that the unemployment pace in Troy has come to an unmatched high — 7%. With my professional thoughts and opinions, this is an unacceptable situation. The citizens of Troy need more careers and the neighborhood development company and the associated with Albany need to do a better job of attracting and developing local development corporation new businesses in order to eliminate the lack of employment rate.

Of course , it is important to notice that economical development, company welfare and crony capitalism are not my concerns. My personal comments arrive to the subject from declaration and encounter. I submit that the economical development company, which is depicted by Mister. Percy Spencer of the Troy Enterprise, is definitely part of a political process and should be subject to oversight by simply voters, not really selected by simply politicians. Here is the most serious issue that must be solved before any sort of development happens.